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1. Twin™ Shoe Application Guide & Video

The shoeing process for Twin™ Shoes is very similar to that of traditional shoes, however there are some subtle but essential differences which are critical for the stability of the shoe, below you can read more to understand these differences.


It is very important to follow the patented shoeing process carefully as this will ensure the optimal functioning of the Twin™ Shoe (and consequently lead to a good functioning hoof mechanism and healthy hooves).

2. Twin™ Shoe Training Modules

Module 1: WHAT-WHY and WHEN.

Learn about why and when to use Twin™ Shoes. Understand the benefits of Twin™ Shoes and how these contribute to healthier hooves. 

Module 2: HOW to apply Twin™ Shoes

Learn about the 3-step Twin™ Shoeing process, see best practices and understand the Do's and Don'ts with Twin™ Shoes.

Module 3: WHAT to expect when using Twin™ Shoes


Learn about what you will see in the days-weeks-months after starting to use Twin™ Shoes.

3. Tips and Tricks

Learn about pulling off Twin™ Shoes, how to split Twin™ Shoes after nailing on, how to use Twin™ Shoes with pads and how to make a Twin™ Hind Shoe from a Twin™ Front Shoe.

4. Special Cases (hoof predispositions)

Learn about what to do in case of weak, flared or cracked hoof wall, in case of the need for hoof stabiliaction, in case of thin soles, in case of the need for sole protection or for sole and frog support

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