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What are Twin™ Shoes?

Twin shoes are nail-on steel shoes that have been re-engineered for optimal functioning and stability in a split-shoe configuration.


The two equal halves (branches) created during the shoeing process by splitting the shoe at the toe can then move independently, allowing the hoof mechanism to function naturally as in barefoot while protecting the hooves as traditional shoes do.


Due to its unique design, the Twin Shoe is a very versatile shoe providing optimal stability of the hoof in a non-split configuration and allowing optimal mobility of the hoof in a split configuration. 

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See or Download the Twin™ Shoes Specification Sheet.


Twin™ Shoes have several features built in ensuring the optimal functioning and stability of the split-shoe concept.

Twin™ Shoes: How does it work?

By splitting Twin™ Shoes at the toe, the natural (as in barefoot) 3-dimensional movement of the hoof (heel movement, side-to-side movement and forward-backward movement) is no longer constrained (as in a traditional one-piece shoe) and the hoof can become a stronger and more balance flexible structure through pain-free exercise. Read More…

Twin™ Shoe Benefits, Why use Twin Shoes?

Research (both academic research and clinical field trials) has shown that Twin Shoes allow the hoof mechanism to function normally as in barefoot (as opposed to traditional shoes which limit the hoof mechanism by locking the hoof in a one-piece shoe). By allowing a naturally functioning hoof mechanism, Twin Shoes allow and help to:


  • utilize the shock absorption capacity of the hoof to its full potential

  • improve the blood circulation of the lower limb

  • Optimize the lower limb biomechanics

  • Improve hoof quality, shape and growth

Twin Shoe Recommended usage, When?


Twin™ Shoes can be used for a range of condition, situations and disciplines both in a split and a non-split configuration. The split configuration is typically recommended to improve performance in disciplines requiring a lot of turning and medio-lateral motion, work on uneven footing, and where improvement in agility, shock absorption and quality of gait is crucial such as Dressage, vaulting, cow horse, barrel racing, trail riding, endurance, etc...). Twin™ Shoes are also effective in injury prevention, certain therapeutic applications and to transition from and into barefoot or out of therapeutic packages. Read More…

What to expect when using Twin Shoes?

Depending on starting condition of the foot and the , usage of the shoes typically results in improvement within the first 1 to 90 days, with ongoing improvement occurring over the next 180 to 240 days.

Immediate effects (week 1-2) with Twin™ Shoesyou may feel and see the horse adjusting to the new feel and movement of his feet, the horse may look like he is searching on how to place his feet in a correct and balanced way from the new proprioceptive input he is receiving.  Hoof capsule relaxation often takes place with opening up of the toe gap even within a couple of days. 

Short Term (week 13-12) into Twin™ ShoesThe gait of horses with short stridedness, mild gait irregularity and certain lameness issues may improve significant during this time with longer stride length, more freedom in the shoulders and reduced lameness. The hoof capsule starts to change but as old, weaker and flared hoof walls are growing out some branch loss can be experienced. For this reason, in combination with increased hoof growth rate we see with Twin™ Shoes, we recommend shorter shoeing intervals (every 4 weeks) instead of the standard 6-week shoeing interval.

Mid Term (week 12-34) into Twin™ Shoes: you will notice continuous improvement in gait quality, lameness (if any) and hoof quality, shape and balance.

Long Term (week 34 onwards) into Twin™ Shoesmost hoof health parameters will start stabilizing by now, generally the toe gap will not widen up to more than a ¼ inch during the standard 6-week shoeing intervals and the shoe remains nicely fixed on the stronger hoof. Ongoing improvement (although slower) may still be seen at this point in time.

Going back from Twin™ Shoes to traditional shoes the improvements described above will gradually disappear again.

Read More and see Webinars about the effects of Twin™ Shoes on several parameters related to Hoof Growth, Quality & Shape and to Biomechanics on the LEARN PAGE of this website.

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